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Calm Canines: 5 Ways to Support Your Dog Through Stormy Weather

Here are Five Tips to Assist Your Canine Companion in Weathering Storms:

1.⁠ ⁠Maintain composure. Keep a composed, matter-of-fact demeanor. Dogs are sensitive to our emotions, so remaining calm can help alleviate their unease.

2.⁠ ⁠Avoid overly comforting your dog when they show signs of fear. While it may seem natural to shower them with affection, this can reinforce their fearful behavior. Instead, use a cheerful, upbeat tone to boost their confidence. Never scold them for being afraid. Engaging them in play can be a great distraction during storms.

3.⁠ ⁠Establish a safe indoor space for your dog during storms. Whether it's their crate, a bathroom, or a closet, ensure it's a place where they feel secure. Many dogs have bolted from fenced yards in panic during storms, leading to dangerous situations. Leave the door to their safe space open so they don't feel trapped.

4.⁠ ⁠Introduce your dog to thunderstorm sounds gradually. Utilize resources like YouTube to find recordings of thunderstorms. Start by playing these sounds at a very low volume during regular activities. If your dog displays fear, don't react to it. Instead, redirect their attention to a positive activity like playing fetch. Slowly increase the volume over time until they can handle more realistic storm sounds. This conditioning process may take a few days to weeks.

5.⁠ ⁠Seek guidance from your veterinarian. If your dog experiences extreme distress during storms, consult your vet about possible medication or natural remedies. Your vet can provide tailored advice based on your dog's needs, ensuring a more comfortable experience for them.

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