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Bill and Coo Clayton Thomas


100% Natural •  100% Healthy  • 100% Luxury

Bill and Coo Best Pet Product

All Natural

Ethically Sourced

High Quality

& Accountable

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than
you love yourself.”

Best Pet Supplement


We are proud to introduce Bill & Coo, a luxury pet brand that is dedicated to providing pet owners and their furry friends with the best possible nutraceutical products.


Through our top-of-the-line, pet-specific, human-grade supplements, we hope to improve your pet’s health and well-being.


Our Best Sellers


Bill and Coo Pure CleanPets
  • Unlock nature’s most powerful crystal

  • Bioavailable silica and trace minerals aid regeneration

  • Assists with the removal of pesticides


Bill and Coo Longer Lives
  • Assists the aging process

  • Strengthen the skin, lung, and gut   barriers

  • Rebuilds the microbiome of the gut

  • Activates cellular health

  • Revives whole body immune health


Bill and Coo Anigreens
  • All-natural blend of super foods

  • Systemic cleansing assistance

  • Supports glutathione production

  • Creates collagen production

  • Maximizes ketosis and metabolism



Our Story
Our Story, By Dr. Christina Rahm

Our Story

At Bill and Coo, we believe that animals deserve the same level of care and attention that we give to ourselves. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to developing a nutraceutical supplement line specifically designed for animal health. 


Bill and Coo was born out of a relatable struggle shared by many pet owners - watching our beloved furry friends suffer from ailments that conventional medicine can't seem to alleviate. This inspired us to create human-grade nutraceuticals that use only the highest quality natural ingredients, backed by scientific research, to promote optimal health and well-being in animals. 


Our commitment to quality and effectiveness is evident in every step of our production process, from sourcing the best possible ingredients to rigorous testing and formulation. With Bill and Coo, you can trust that your pets are receiving the very best in animal health support.

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