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We are proud to announce Dr. Christina Rahm and Bill & Coo are Official Sponsors of United City FC Women, a women’s soccer team with a mission to identify, support and develop the next generation of women soccer stars.


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United City FC Women

United City FC Women are taking a proactive approach to inclusivity and representation in the sport which has already resulted in winning both the UPSL Championship and SWPL Championship over the past two years.


Inclusivity is key.

The team focuses on players who fell through the cracks, were overlooked by the college system, minority players of Latino, African American, Pan- Asian and other immigrant backgrounds. United City FC’s goal is to build a “pathway to pro club” to help launch a new generation of female soccer players.

This collaboration demonstrates a strong commitment to social progress and equity in both sports and business and sets an excellent example for other clubs and organizations to follow.

Fostering Advancement

Creating opportunities for talented players and promoting the growth of
women’s soccer is crucial for the sport’s advancement. With our support United City FC will have additional resources to help build a successful club and provide a platform for aspiring athletes to showcase their skills.

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STE: 250

Franklin, TN 37067

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